8 am buffet breakfast Azteca Restaurant at Hotel
Large buffet with many choices suitable for big appetites. Use ingredients of your choice to create your own recipe breakfast juice drink – or choose items for a custom omelet – or partake of ready to go cereals, sweet rolls, breakfast items or Mexican specialties. Or do all. As much as you want or can eat – you can probably skip lunch.

9 am explore Rosarito Beach further
We get a ride up to the huge Comercial Mexicana supermarket near north entrance to Rosarito Beach, just across from city hall. Fun to just explore – products similar to ours, but takes some getting used to as are items sold in kilos (2.2 lbs.), liters (about a quart) and pesos. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a safe buy. Exchange rate posted at the store entrance, and credit cards are accepted. Walk over to city hall for very cordial meeting with Mayor Hugo Torres (yep, same man who owns the Rosarito Beach Hotel), then go outside to watch crowded religious festival. Very colorful, loud and interesting. Our van takes us back to the hotel to connect with the wine trip.

11 am tour Guadalupe Valley Wine Country
Knowledgeable and cordial guide Fernando Cuevas (Certified Tours Specialist) picks us up at the hotel, drives south along the coast to North Ensanada, then turns east into Valle de Guadalupe. We view dramatic landscapes on the way there – small villages, broad meadows, steep rocky mountains – and enjoy a fine day and have a must-see/do experience. The very best time to visit is in late August, during the weeks of Las Fiestas de la Vendimia (Harvest Festivals) when vineyards schedule a wealth of activities including tastings, classical music concerts, masses celebrating the harvest – even a bull fight!

Noon lunch Restaurante La Hacienda go
First stop on our tour is a winner. A combination plant nursery, restaurant and oasis, La Hacienda offers wine tasting too. We taste, we buy, we eat. At a table set among tall trees surrounded by blooming gardens, we’re served a delicious array of local specialties. We linger and walk among the gardens. A wonderful spot – don’t miss.

2 pm tour L.A. Cetto winery go
This major (largest in the Valley) winery has it all. Large, active tasting room, a magnificent view from highest point up the valley – even a bull fight ring (Plaza de Toros) used during the festival season. We sample four – or was it five? – wines with local bread, cheese and olive oil. Everything delicious. On the facility tour we’re introduced to wine making equipment and see the aging rooms. A statuary image of Our Lady of Guadalupe is set up in a garden area among the wine tanks in thanks for the bountiful harvest.

3 pm visit Museo Comunitario del Valle de Guadalupe go
The valley’s winemaking all began here. In 1905, Mexico granted political asylum to 100 Russian families, who arrived in the Guadalupe Valley to cultivate wheat. Realizing their small colony could earn more producing wine, they pioneered grape cultivation in the area. Many current residents are descendents of these Russian families. The Museo is an authentic house from this time, with furniture, displays and artifacts. Across from the house is a restaurant serving Russian food and tea from a Samovar. Russian home baked breads and a variety of unusual jams can be purchased.

4 pm motor tour
We end our Valley visit by driving through it slowly to view many of the small family owned wineries. Tasting had ended for the day but we saw glorious fields of vines, native plant gardens and were entertained by the architecture and dramatic sculptures.

7 pm attend El Zarape Bar/Salon Mexicana dinner show
Party time for the whole family – we experience the Fiesta Mexicana floor show complete with folkloric dancers, sumptuous Mexican Buffet and audience participation.

stay Rosarito Beach Hotel go

Day 2 photo gallery