8:30 am buffet breakfast Azteca Restaurant

10 am Rosarito Beach Hotel
swimming and lounging

Noon Casa Playa Spa treatments at Hotel
The European style spa is located in one of the 1920′s historic buildings that was originally the private mansion of the hotel’s owners. The exterior and interior retain the original looks, tiles, and chapel painting. There’s an extensive menu of European style services to pamper you and excellent staff delivering the services. We try their Signature for a combination of treatments. Finish by using the hot tub, sauna and steam (no charge anytime the spa is open).

2:30 pm lunch Azteca Restaurant
Time to relax/refuel/recharge. Walk on the beach.

4 pm tour/shop Oaxaca Expo
Rosarito Beach is playing host to the Oaxaca Expo, and Fernando Cuevas recommends we go visit it. Expos in Rosarito beach, or anywhere in Mexico, don’t usually rent large halls. Instead, they find a nice public place; here it is the court yard of the Rosarito Beach Library. The Oaxacan natives have set up tents with tables, and sell the different things they make. From beads to bracelets, to necklaces, to clothing, and ice cream, you can find it all at this Expo. Even exotic fresh food can be had – we all tried a serving of crickets. A special find was a colorful, native Oaxacan dress/blouse/belt to wear to the next event.

6 pm Wine and Cheese Expo in Hotel
This hotel special event is held on the 17th (top) floor of the Pacifico tower in a room adjacent to the infinity pool. Guests enjoy the cheese, charcuterie, olives, grapes and bread offered with many wines to sample. Whole families came, including the little ones – who of course did not partake of the libations! Eventually the partygoers moved outside to catch the sun setting over the ocean and reflecting on the roof top infinity pool.

8 pm dinner Don Quixote room in Hotel
Originally for men’s smoking/drinking/gaming, the room is decorated with hand painted Italian tiles depicting scenes from the tale of Don Quixote. They were commissioned for the space by the original owner who loved the story. A bar, fountain, built in sitting bench and upper gallery (for entertainers/musicians) are tiled in a variety of patterns and scenes. Eight of us sit at a single rectangular table set up in the middle of the room. Very special setting and atmosphere. Daiquiris, and a Puerto Nuevo lobster dinner followed by table side preparation of crepes with fruit bring the day to a close.

10 pm beach Lunada
Stopped off at the beach where a Lunada – beach party with a fire pit – was in progress. Groups of families were gathered in a circle around the fire. We hoped to score a roasted marshmallow but got there too early! Marshmallows don’t come out until 11 pm. This party goes on for a couple more hours – but we’re ready to hit the sack.

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