9 am breakfast Azteca Restaurant
Laura Torres joins us to make sure everything is fine and she’s answered our questions. She orders her own very special breakfast drink – containing wheat grass. We follow suit and order the same.

10 am beach swimming and lounging
People have set up early with intention of staying late. The underside of the pier is used for shade by those who want respite from the sun. Surfers, bathers and frolicking children enjoy the water. Further back, shade structures house snuggling couples, breast feeding mothers, fruit and candy vendors. Ball tossing, running, strolling, sunning, grilling going on around us. Oceans everywhere we’ve been to seem the same – its really the beaches and the people on them that make the difference.

Noon check out – time to go.
Rosarito Beach hotel van returns us to San Diego Airport.
Our driver, Abraham Camacho, takes us on another narrated, interesting scenic sightseeing drive along the coast from Rosarito Beach through Tijuana, across the border and back to San Diego airport. About 90 minutes: 60 minutes at the border.

Day 4 photo gallery

Credits / thanks to all who helped create this fine experience.

Rosarito Beach Hotel
 Ron Rapaso International PR Representative for Rosarito Beach
organized the visit and acted as guide/facilitator

 Hugo Torres Owner

 Jorge Peon General Manager   Laura Torres Director

For All Events
 Joseph Cillo Publisher & Editor in Chief   Mary Buttaro Creative & Photo Editor
together created this travel photo journal